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   The Winter Beez season of 2002 has arrived as Cross Country comes to a close. This winter is the most massively planned and prepared winter in the history of this running group. Three prime event groups have been formed. The Middle Distance group, or "8-16 Event Group," as it's called, the "32 Group," focusing on longer distance, and the "True Track" group, focusing on every other track  and field event. This page will post general information on the Winter Beez 2002 and unofficial results to indoor meets this winter.

 General Information on Winter Beez

Meet Results 2001 - 2002

12/15/01          All Comers at Bethel
03/09/02 Meet of the Miles at U of M
03/09/02 YWCA All Comers at YWCA
03/09/02      NSC All Comers at NSC

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