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The Winter Beez - General Information
 Track is one of Southwest’s strongest sports. Last year 9 athletes went to State in several different events. One of our runners finished 2nd, one of our hurdlers finished 7th, and one of our relays finished 8th. The Track team is also probably the biggest team at Southwest. The success we share comes from great coaching and by hard work.
 Many of the most successful athletes on the team are successful because they work hard all year round. The winter is an important time to get ready for Track because it gives athletes a head start on the rest of the state.  Unfortunately, our great coaches are not allowed to coach us during the winter season for Track, thus some of the top Track athletes have organized a group of athletes called the Winter Beez. The name “Winter Beez” is based on the Killer Beez which is an international summer running team that many SW track athletes participate in.
 In order to continue our tradition of having a strong group of runners, jumpers, throwers, vaulters, and hurdlers, we are trying to recruit anyone we can to this team. Already we have more than twenty people participating during the winter in three main groups. The first, called the “8-16” group, is headed by middle distance runner Erik DeLapp who helped the 4x800 relay team finish 8th in State last spring.  The 8-16 group will focus on middle distance running-- the half mile and mile. The second group, called the “32 group,” is the long distance runners, running the 3200 meter run (2 miles). The 32 group is headed by Neil Grosscup, 8th place All-State in Cross Country his Sophomore year, and also he will be helped by Forrest Tahdooahnippah, 6th place in State CC as a Sophomore and 4th place in the 3200 meters last spring. Every other event will be run by our school’s only trained Decathlete, Carl Henderson, who is capable of doing every single event in Track. This group, called the “True Track” group, will cover the rest of the events. The True Track group is the core of the team and helped the Southwest team to win City Relays and the City title last spring.
 Training will begin on the first of December and last until March. During this three month period you will learn about any event you are interested in doing and can get into shape at your own pace. You can learn to love working out... Whatever interests you; sprinting, jumping, throwing, vaulting, or running. We’ll lift weights too... Of course, we love all sports, and on occasion play basketball, soccer, and more.
 For those who loving running and sprinting, we will participate in several all-comers indoor track meets this winter. We will also work out twice a week at various indoor tracks. Transportation will be arranged by group leaders. We’ll work out in the school (the aerobics room and weight room), and some will run outside and go snow shoeing.
 Of course no one would want to join a group that doesn’t have any fun. Each group will have it’s own plans for team bonding, and there will be times when all the groups do things together. We will stick together closely. The 8-16 group will have movie nights and will join the 32 group every Saturday to do a workout, afterwards eating breakfast together.
 If you are interested in joing the Winter Beez, contact any event leader. All the event leaders can usually be found near or in Room 16 before or after school.

Middle Distance (8-16) - Erik DeLapp -
Long Distance (32) - Neil Grosscup & Forrest Tahdooahnippah
True Track (other) - Carl Henderson

Visit the Southwest Runners Page, home of the Winter Beez, at

Si hablas el español y no mucho inglés y tú quieres saber más sobre “Winter Beez,” puedes hablar con nuestro amigo se llama Mauricio Yaurincela. Muchas veces está en la sala 16 después o antes de las clases. Mauricio estuvo en Southwest pero ahora está en un universidad de música, pero él nos ayuda con el equipo de correr y los que hablan español.

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