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Many Southwest Athletes Have Participated in Triathlons this Summer.
   Heart of the Lakes Triathlon (Long Course): 1/2 mile swim, 21 mile bike, 5.3 mile run.
   Alumni Kym Zhao partcipated in this race, finishing first in her age group and 287th overall, out of more than 400 athletes. She finished the swim in 15:13, then went through the first transition point in 4:03. The bike took her 1:10:15, an average of 17.9 mph, and the second transition point took her 2:48. The run took her  40:47, or 7:42 per mile pace. Her total time was 2:13:03.
   Erik DeLapp finished second in his age group and 167th overall. He completed the swim in 16:19, took 3:21 at the first transition, and then did the bike in 1:05:26, or an average of 19.3 mph. He took 1:43 at the last transition and completed the run in 33:28, or 6:19 mile pace. He had the 33rd fastest running time out of everyone in the race. His total time was 2:00:15.
   Heart of the Lakes Triathlon (Short Course): 1/4 mile swim, 9 mile bike, 2.5 mile run.
   Coach Ben Zhao finished 65th overall out of 300+ athletes, despite his bike being broken. He finished 8th in his age group. He did the swim in 8:06, took 2:22 at the first transition, did the bike in 32:14, averaging a depressing 16.8 mph, but came back in the run after taking 1:04 at the last transition, he did the run in 15:29, or 6:12 pace, finishing in a total time of 59:12.
   Katherine Ketter finished 95th overall and 5th in her age group. She completed the swim in 9:23, taking 2:39 at the first transition, did the bike in 28:37, or an 18.9 mph average, took 1:02 at the last transition, and then did the run in 20:05, or 8:02 pace. She finished in a total time 1:01:44
   Other Triathlons.
   Neil Grosscup participated in a triathlon where he finished second in his age division.
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