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H e a r t   o f   t h e   L a k e s   T r i a t h l o n
July 21st - Annandale, MN

   Once again several Killer Beez and Southwest runners participated in the Annandale triathlon-- Heart of the Lakes, one of the largest triathlons in Minnesota. Everyone participating from the Killer Beez did the long course-- or more specifically, a half mile swim, twenty one mile bike ride and a five point two mile run. Several athletes entered as a team relay, in which three people each do one event. The relay showdown came between the Zhao-Richards collaboration, including Ben Zhao (runner), Kym Zhao (swimmer), and Kai Richards (biker), and "Team DeLapp"-- including Southwest distance great Reed DeLapp as the runner, swimmer Peggy DeLapp, and biker Steven DeLapp. Doing the entire triathlon were alumni Ethan Jewett and Senior Erik DeLapp. Let's take a look at what happened.

The Relays:

"Team DeLapp" finished 14th out of the 28 relay teams. Peggy DeLapp started out with a 19:55 half mile to bring the team in a close 22nd. Her average 100 yard interval was 2:16. Steven DeLapp worked hard on the bike to finish in 1:11:47 for the windy, 21 mile course over the gradual rolling hills. He averaged 17.6 miles per hour and turned in the 18th fastest bike time in the long course relay division. Reed DeLapp anchored with a time of 37:33, finishing the relay in 14th by turning in the 9th fastest running time of the 28 teams. He averaged 7:05 per mile. The total time for the relay, including the transitions of 1:42 and 1:46, was 2:12:41.

"Zhao/Curry" finished 16th out of the 28 relays. Kym Zhao was the first, swimming the half mile in 14:37, or an average of 1:40 per 100 yards. She also turned in the 13th fastest swim time. Kai Richards did the bike, finishing the 21 mile course in 1:19:36, or an average of 15.8 miles per hour, the 23rd fastest bike time. Anchoring with a sore hip was Ben Zhao, with a time of 37:10-- 7:01 per mile and the 8th fastest running time. Including transitions of 1:40 and 2:38, their total time was 2:16:03.

The Individuals:

Ethan Jewett did his first triathlon ever, finishing the course in 121st place overall out of just over 400 triathletes that entered. He finished third in his age group and 83rd out of the 257 male triathletes. He covered the swim in 19:30, an average of 2:13 per 100 yards. and the 306th fastest swim time. His bike time was 1:01:21, an average of 20.5 miles per hour and the 132nd fastest time overall. His run was in 38:09, which is 7:12 per mile pace and the 73rd fastest time. Including transitions of 2:13 and 1:55, his total time added up to 2:03:03.

Erik DeLapp returned from last year, finishing over six minutes slower than his time in 2001. Overall he was 147th out of the 400+ triathletes. He covered the swim in 16:39, an average of 1:54 per 100 yards, and the 192nd fastest time. His bike was 1:04:49, an average of 19.4 miles per hour and the 210th fastest time. His run was in 38:41, or 7:18 per mile and the 82nd fastest time. Including transitions of 3:16 and 3:08, his total time came to 2:06:30, much slower than his time the previous year of 2:00:15, in part due to weather and also due to the fact he had to go to the bathroom for the last hour of the race.

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