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The 2002 Minnesota Track & Field State Meet
A Few Stories: 
(Warning! Warning! These stories reflect only the opinion of the author and nothing more)
The State meet went well for Southwest this year. Two years ago, only one Southwest athlete went to state and last year nine athletes participated. This year, eleven athletes qualified, many of them doing exceptionally well. Forrest Tahdooahnippah is the star of the team, outkicking the competition in the 3200 meter run to clinche a state championship. He came back the next day to finish fifth in the mile, running a personal best time. Jamie Cheever did not disappoint either, running to an impressive fourth place finish in the state. The all-star Women's 4x800 meter relay team finished seventh, and Hurdler stand-out Jendayi Berry finished 9th in the finals of the 300 Meter Intermediate Hurldes. Congratulations to all the athletes that participated in this year's State Meet!

Partial [UNOFFICIAL] Results :
(Warning, these results are so unofficial that their guarantee of being accurate is hovering close to 0. Do not be surprised if they were all made up, because these results have no guarantee-- one could say, it is a faith based system.)

Top 6 Places Medal, Top 9 Score

3200 Meter Run - Men
Forrest Tahdooahnippah - 1st (State Champion!) - 9:21.59
Neil Grosscup - 12th - 9:50.24

3200 Meter Run - Women
Koby Hagen - 11:35.82 - 13th

1600 Meter Run - Men
Forrest Tahdooahnippah - 5th - 4:16.92

110 High Hurdles - Men
Dietrich Bijnagte - 15.99 (Prelim)
Jendayi Berry - 15.63 (Prelim)

300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles - Men
Jendayi Berry - 9th - 40.31

800 Meter Run - Women
Jamie Cheever - 4th - 2:16.74
Callie Pastarr - 2:21.66 (Prelim)

4x800 Meter Relay - Women - 7th
Aliza Segal
Koby Hagen
Callie Pastarr
Jamie Cheever
(Total Time) - 9:38.82

Long Jump - Men
Jermaine Gurley - 20-10.25 - 13th

Shot Put - Women
Katie Walters-Krohn - 36-1 - 13th

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