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   Track and Field 2002 is coming. So far this winter it's been mainly the distance group with a handful of sprinters/jumpers. The distance and middle distance group, who rode a roller coaster of a season during cross country, took the winter as time to rebuild and it seems to have worked well. Neil Grosscup's condition is back in full force and his confidence is beginning to return as well. Forrest Tahdooahnippah's injuries are behind him and a competitive season is ahead of him.
   The distance field this year is fresh and frightening. Gone from Region 5AA is Nick Schneider, and arriving is Forrest Tahdooahnippah. Gone is Malcom Richards, arriving is Wolive Bekelcha. Gone is Mar Jang-- wait a minute, no, Mar Jang is coming back again for another round. Neil Grosscup is also returning. Individually, the distance group in the city is more powerful than it has been in a long time. Last year at State Forrest finished 4th in the 3200 meter run and also competed in the final of the 1600 meter run. Normally THE RUNNERS PAGE has just looked at the 4x8 because it's been the only hope of being state class, due to runners like Schneider, Jang, and Keenan of previous years. But now individual runners from Southwest truly have a chance to be very competitive on a state level, and it will be an exciting year.
   Just because there are some fast distance runners in individual events doesn't mean that the 4x8 is going to go downhill. On the other hand, both Erik DeLapp and Neil Grosscup are returning from last year's state team. Being added into the mix is Forrest. Once again the fourth spot is unknown, but there are some athletes such as Max Richardson (53 second 400) who are planning on making it. Based purely on the four fastest 800 times of the team, the relay is already capable of running as fast as the 2001 team did at Regions last year.
   Let's face it though; what would Southwest track be without head captain Carl Henderson, who has blasted his way thorugh the winter sprinting, jumping, lifting, and eating a lot of calories. Carl is looking to lead sprinters, jumpers, and, well, everyone, through this new track season. Who knows what events he'll do, being a decathlete, he can do everything from the 100 to the 400, the long jump to the triple jump, not to mention the 3200 meter run (he probably will let Forrest and Neil take care of that though). Carl is a beast and he also has the fastest fly-30 time on the team right now.
   Anthony McElligot is the great young hope for the sprinting group. He has shown incredible speed and his fly-30 is dangerously close to Carl's. Like Max Richardson he came every now and then to work out during the winter and many hope that he will continue to work harder and harder in sprinting so that the team has some good sprinters.
   Once Track begins hundreds of athletes will show up and the event groups will be filled. It is looking to be an exciting year for Southwest Track and Field. Check back for meet news and results.

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