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The 5000/4000 Meter Run Team Trial
A Few Stories: 
(Warning! Warning! These stories reflect only the opinion of the author and nothing more)
The annual team trials, held just before the annual Decathlon/Heptathlon, was a bit different this year than most. The biggest difference was the weather-- instead of the traditional blazing heat under a scorching sun and clear sky, it was a cool, overcast day with a light breeze on the backstretch. It was fast running weather. Defending champion Dan Dickinson held off middle distance standout Erik DeLapp in the last mile of the 5000 meter run to repeat as the winner for the men. There were also impressive performances by Junior Fransisco Vargas and Freshman Evan Rowe.

Partial [UNOFFICIAL] Results :
(Warning, these results are so unofficial that their guarantee of being accurate is hovering close to 0. Do not be surprised if they were all made up, because these results have no guarantee-- one could say, it is a faith based system.)

5000 Meter Run - Men
1 - Dan Dickinson - 17:12
2 - Erik DeLapp - 17:18
3 - Erik Maloney - 17:58
4 - Fransisco Vargas - 18:06
5 - Evan Rowe - 18:50
6 - Mauricio Yaurincela - 18:50
7 - Pablo Huinansaca - 18:55
8 - Austin Groth - 19:20

4000 Meter Run - Women
1 - Molly Tolins - 17:04
(If any SW women wish to provide THE RUNNERS PAGE with more results, please contact the webmaster)

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