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The Start of the Next Track Season is Finally Here
   As the next Track season arrives, we are forced to take a look at how well some athletes have performed... As it turns out, many of the Track athletes managed to stay in shape the entire winter season... Most are excited about the upcoming Track season and have high hopes to perform.
  As usual, the distance group has trained over the winter... But this season there were more than just distance runners. Throwers, jumpers, and even sprinters joined the winter team in an effort to be well prepared for Track season. Captain's practice went well, there were quite a few rookies that showed up.
   The Track team is looking to be bigger than ever, and it is hoped that it will stay big. This year a big goal for Captains and Leaders is to see that everyone finds a place in the team and that drop outs are minimal.

So Who All Should We Watch Out For?

   There are quite a few athletes to keep your eyes on. One of them is Carl Henderson, one of the first sprinters in a long time to train all year round for events other than distance running. As a sophomore, he has already run a 55 second 400 meter dash. In fact, he ran that early in the season. He is also a force to be dealt with in the long jump and other sprinters.
   Of course, Track 2001 couldn't be complete without The Real Deal; Neil Grosscup. Running millions of miles over the winter, and adding another billion miles of cross training, not to mention hundreds of miles of swimming, Neil Grosscup comes into the season having logged trillions of miles. He has already run a 4:34 mile, and that was when he went out in 74 seconds for his first 400 meters. Talk about a kick. A fear for many Southwest milers is that Neil will soon be doing mile repeats faster than many athletes can run the mile.
    Coming off from injuries hopefully forever, Koby Hagen is coming into the season ready to work. She ran a sub 21 minute 5K at the Footlocker WI course after the Cross Country season when she ran a 16 minute 4K. Now she has plans to focus on the 400 meter, 800 meter, and 1600 meter runs.
   Ethan Jewett is a force. He ran a sub 5 minute mile and a 2:05 800 last year. Now he's coming into the season having already run 4:46 and 2:07. He is looking to lead himself individually and also the 4 x 800 meter relay team to faster times this season.
   There are many other athletes to watch out for, like George Harris, who has plans to dominate the 400 meter dash this year after running a 51 last year. Also Rick Orr is looking to run the 400... And there are many other great athletes, like Mauricio Yaurincela, Dan Dickinson, Erik DeLapp, Elisa Berry, Alex Smith, John Thompson, and more.

What Kind of Times Has Everyone Run?

   There have been many fast winter times, such as 4:34, 4:46, 4:47, 4:56, 5:00, 2:06, 2:07, 2:09, 54, 55, 55, 10:10, and more. For the complete results to the winter season, check out  the Killer Beez Winter 01 news page.


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