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   The NSC Showcase meet is a large meet held at the National Sports Center in Blaine. Many teams come from around the state, or from out of the state, or even from Canada. Southwest performed very well at this meet.

      WOMEN'S: The women's 4x8 dominated the meet. Pastarr ran an incredible 2:26 and Hagan ran 2:31.
      MEN'S: The main varsity team did not run since they ran other events. The team was not happy with their performance.
   THE 3200 METER RUN: Neil Grosscup won in a time of 9:48. Dan Dickinson finished fourth in a time of 10:48. John Thompson ran around 11:30.
   THE 1600 METER RUN: Neil Grosscup won the mile. Dan Dickinson also finished well in a time of a little over 5 minutes.
   MEN'S SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY (2-2-4-8): George Harris & Nathaniel Hargrove ran the 200's at stunning speed. Neil Grosscup ran the 400 quickly, and Erik DeLapp anchored. Overall they finished well.
      WOMEN'S: The women's 4x4 dominated the meet, winning the race.
      MEN'S: The men's 4x4 ran well. They were missing a few varsity runners.

It is possible more results will be posted at a later time.

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