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The season opens up with the biggest number of athletes ever.
   "We're going to go over 170 this year," coach Ben Zhao said as more and more forms were turned in. The official number is already in the 160's and there's plenty more. This is the biggest show of people ever. Track & Field continues to become more and more popular at Southwest. The team is looking to be bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before.

The Gold Baton

   The first meet of the season, 50+ athletes attended to see what kind of shape they were in. Partial unofficial results are in and will be posted on the RUNNERS PAGE below.

   THE LONG JUMP: Carl Henderson jumped 18 feet, 11 inches.
   MEN'S SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY: The relay won.
   MEN'S 4X800 METER RELAY: The relay, made up of Dan Dickinson, Ethan Jewett, John Thompson, and Neil Grosscup, won the race by a comfortable margin. They ran splits of 2:15, 2:08, 2:17, and 2:08 to finish in a time of around 8:48.
   WOMEN'S 4X200 METER RELAY: The relay won.
   THE 200 METER DASH: Carl Henderson ran a 24.3 either in the 4X2 or the open.
   THE 800 METER RUN: Brian Hawthorne ran a 2:23, and Al Urbanski ran 2:28.
   THE 3200 METER RUN: Neil Grosscup finished first in a time of 10:03.

   Overall, things are not quite up to speed but are looking good. Many of the men's team relays are getting off to a slow start. The 4x200 relay team had trouble with hand offs and dropped the baton at one point. The men's 4x800 relay team was missing two of its originally planned runners, Mauricio Yaurincela and Erik DeLapp. 

   Once more results are in, this page will be updated.

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