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...The 9th Grade Meet, The Southwest Scrimmage, and the 10th Grade Meet...

   The younger side of the team performed very well at the Freshman and Sophomore Championships at Washburn and Southwest High Schools. At both meets the Men won the 4x800 meter relay. In the mile at the 9th grade meet, Freshman standout distance runner Eric Maloney ran a 5:02 mile, getting dangerously close to the five minute barrier. At the Sophomore meet Neil Grosscup won the mile in a timesof 4:45. Dan Dickinson finished second in 4:56. Carl Henderson ran about 24.3 in the open 200 meter dash. Freshman Matthew Yale ran the 400 meter dash in 62 seconds at the 9th Grade Meet.

   There were many fast races. Neil Grosscup ran the fastest time in the handicapped mile run, finishing in 4:40. Heriberto Vargas finished in 4:46. Dan Dickinson ran 5:05, and Brian Hawthorne ran 5:31. Neil Grosscup also ran the fastest time in the 3200 meter run, finishing in 10:15. In the 800 meter run, Nathan Hargrove ran the fastest time, finishing in 2:01. Ethan Jewett ran 2:04, and Erik DeLapp ran 2:06. John Thompson finished in 2:20. 

   Overall, the team of Southwest is running well and is looking forward to the City and Region meets.

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