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   The Minneapolis "City Indoor Time Trials" is the first track meet where all the Minneapolis schools get a chance to see where they stand against each other. Minneapolis Southwest made a strong showing, winning many races and bringing  an impressive number of athletes. Partial results below.

   WOMEN'S: Southwest dominated the 4x8 from an overall standpoint. Southwest's first runner Pastarr ran a 2:32, an incredible time, especially considering it was her first race. The huge lead she gave the rest of the team made it much easier to win the race. Some verterans on the relay were seen running quickly, such as Lizzy Boosalis, Meredith Johnson, and Sasha Hayes.
   MEN'S: The men's 4x8 started out in a close second in the first leg, but then in the second leg gained a huge lead which kept expanding until they won by 31 seconds. On the relay, in order, was Ethan Jewett (2:08), Erik DeLapp (2:09), Mauricio Yaurincela (2:12), and Neil Grosscup (2:08). Their overall time was 8:40, as opposed to second place South's time of 9:11.
   THE 1600 METER RUN: Brian Hawthorne ran an excellent race to finish in 5:24. Lizzy Boosalis ran 6:51, Jean Seestadt ran 6:41, and Marcus Pratt ran 5:48.
   THE 800 METER RUN: Neil Grosscup won in around 2:08-2:09. Dan Dickinson performed well with a 2:16. There were also many Southwest rookies, such as Matthew Yale, who ran the 800 for the first time.
   THE 400 METER DASH: Al Urbanski ran around 60 seconds, and Matthew Yale finished in 61 seconds.
   THE 4X200 METER RELAY, MEN'S: The men finished 3rd place. Andrew Sullivan ran 25.4 and Carl Henderson ran 24.1.
   WOMEN'S: The Southwest women ran very well in the 4x4 to finish 2nd.
   MEN'S: The men's 4x4 was missing all of its varsity members, but still managed a sub-4 minute finish.

It is possible more results will be posted at a later time.

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