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   On April 10th, several Southwest athletes participated in the Highland Park Invite at the indoor track at Concordia College. There were many exciting races that took place.

   THE MEN'S 4X800 METER RELAY: The Men's 4x8 won the meet by quite a bit, finishing in a time of 8:42. The relay got out to a close second place in the first leg with Dan Dickinson (2:16), and then gained a lead with Erik DeLapp (2:09), expanded the lead with Ethan Jewett (2:07), and finished it off with Neil Grosscup (2:08).
   On the Women's 4x8, Koby Hagen ran 2:40 and the rest of the relay also ran well, finishing either 2nd or 3rd.
   THE 1600 METER RUN: Brian Hawthorne finished in the top five in a time of 5:29. John Thompson did not go all out, but still finished in a time of 5:40. Austin Groth ran 5:58.
   THE 800 METER RUN: John Thompson finished in 2:20, and Brent Carlson finished in 2:23.
   THE TRIPLE JUMP: Carl Henderson won in a distance of 38 feet.
   THE 3200 METER RUN: Neil Grosscup won by a very large margin in a time of 10:00. Dan Dickinson ran well, finishing third in a time of around 11 minutes.
   THE MEN'S 4X200 METER RELAY: The 4x2 finished in a close second. Among the four runners was Carl Henderson (24.75).
   THE MEN'S 4X400 METER RELAY: The relay finished in a close second. Erik DeLapp (57) ran the first leg to finish a close second, and Ethan Jewett (56) ran the last leg to finish the race up in the same place.

It is possible more results will be posted at a later time.

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