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Both the Men and Women's Team Won 
   In THE 4X800 METER RELAY, both the men and women's team dominated the races. The men won in a time of 8:40. Among the runners were Mauricio Yaurincela (2:09), Dan Dickinson (2:12), Erik DeLapp (2:05), and Ethan Jewett (2:12). In the women's race, the team started a bit behind but caught up quite a bit with Pastarr (2:24), and then finished first in an exciting kick by Koby Hagen (2:22).
   In THE 4X400 METER RELAY, the men's team finished first with strong performances from George Harris, R Orr, Max Richardson, and anchor Nate Hargrove (51.7). The women finished second with strong performances from all its runners.
   In THE 4X200 METER RELAY, the men team finished a close second. Anchor Nate Hargrove ran a 22.2.
   THE 1600 METER RUN: Neil Grosscup finished third in 4:33. Eric Maloney finished strong in around 5:08, and John Thompson ran feeling sick but still managed a strong finish.
   THE 3200 METER RUN: Neil Grosscup finished second in 9:43. Mauricio Yaurincela finished fourth in 10:40, and Dan Dickinson ran well, finishing in around 10:50.
   THE 800 METER RUN: On the women's side, Callie Pastarr finished in first place. Lizzy Boosalis also made the final and ran a strong race. On the men's side, Nate Hargrove won the race running 2:02.0. Ethan Jewett finished second in 2:02.6. Erik DeLapp finished fourth in 2:05.3.

Overall, both the men's and women's teams won the meet. For the women, it is the first time winning in over twenty years. The Southwest teams gained the necessary points to win by its awesome throwers,  jumpers, and vaulters.

It is possible that more results will be posted at a later time.

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