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Southwest Running Related Sites
CC News Track News KBiA News Newsletters General Team News Alumni Info Updated Contact Information Media Extras
The Runners Page Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Very Frequently Yes Yes Lots
John Thompson's Running Page Yes Yes No No No No Very Frequently Yes No Some
Neil Grosscup's ETEAMZ Website Yes Yes No No No No Almost Never No No Few
Ben Zhao's Contact Page No No No Yes No Yes Frequently Yes Yes Some
   This chart puts all the Southwest running related sites together to see which pulls out best in the end. Ultimately, which is best will depend solely on the needs of the reader-- while Ben Zhao's page might be better for parents interested in reading newsletters and contacting the coach, THE RUNNERS PAGE leads the field in team and seasonal news. John Thompson's site holds solid ground in keeping itself updated with CC and Track news, while Neil Grosscup's Eteamz site seems to always fall way behind in its updates, despite occasional bursts of daily news for certain periods of time, usually near the beginning of each season. Overall, THE RUNNERS PAGE pulls ahead of the other sites. However this chart may be slightly biased since it was created by THE RUNNERS PAGE and is posted here. To find out which site you think is best, check them all out for yourself.

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