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5000 meters: 35 Degrees with a light wind and plenty of mud

The Runners of Southwest (and St. Paul Central)

    The results are in to an amazing race in the land of Wisconsin. Many people from Southwest-- current students, alumni, and coaches, ran this meet. The fastest runners were found in the Seeded races.

(1) Forrest Tahdooanippah ran incredibly well, finishing 51st out of the 304 runners in the race. He ran the 5k in 16:05, a very good time-- especially considering the hilly course and muddy conditions. He finished just seconds behind Stephen Jahn of Wayzata, the 3rd place finisher in the Minnesota State Meet. Forrest was the 5th finishing Sophomore in the race, and was Minnesota's 3rd finisher.

(2) Neil Grosscup ran extremely well, finishing 106th in a time of 16:29. Neil was the 8th finishing Sophomore in the race and was Minnesota's 6th finisher.

(3) Koby Hagen has seemed to gotten over her injuries, as she ran to an incredible 191st place finish in the girls' Seeded Race in a time of 20:44. Koby was Minnesota's 5th finisher.

(4) Danielle Walter followed Koby in at the exact same time, 20:44, and finished in 192nd place. She was Minnesota's 6th finisher and Minnesota's first Sophomore finisher.

(5) Ethan Jewett ran an amazing race in the Junior/Senior race, running an incredible time of 17:26 and finishing 38th place out of 310 runners.

(6) Erik DeLapp ran well in the Freshman/Sophomore race, finishing 111th place in 18:31. There were 307 runners in that race.

(7) Summer Hills-Bonczyk ran the race as a workout, finishing in a solid 23:11. She was Minnesota's second Senior finisher.

The Alumni

(1) Heriberto Vargas ran to a 37th place finish in 17:21, out of 269 runners. He was the first runner from Minnesota to finish in the Adidas Open race.

(2) Kym Zhao ran the race as a workout just like Summer and finished 170th place in 21:48

The Older Ones

(1) Ben Zhao ran unusually fast for a man of 47 years, finishing in 18:40 in 82nd place. As we would have predicted, he did not go very hard, but none the less it is an impressive time.

Wow! What fast runners! Forrest, left, ran 16:05 and Neil, right, ran 16:29.

Now these girls know how to have fun! From left to right; Summer, Koby, and Danielle.

As expected, it was an exciting race to watch, with Dathan Ritzenhein running a 14:35 and our runners doing so well.
It should prove to be even more fun next year!

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