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of 2001

    In the past, the Southwest 4x4 and 4x8 have been the strongest relays at Southwest. Because so many Seniors graduated last year, many people had doubts about the continuation of good relays. However, the same thing that happened for cross country is looking to happen again for track.

    In 1999 there was a good 4x4 and an awesome 4x8 that qualified for the State meet. In 2000, the 4x4 got 2nd in the Region and the 4x8 was great but unfortunately it did not qualify for State.

    The 2001 4x4 right now is looking good. Two Seniors are returning from last year; Rick Orr (52 seconds), and George Harris (51 seconds). Carl Henderson (55 seconds), a sophomore, will surely be on the new 4x4. The fourth man is unknown. The spot is open to anyone who works hard to get it. Right now it looks like John Thompson, Chris Orr, or Erik DeLapp could possibly run on the new 4x4. It could be an excellent relay team.

    The 2001 4x8 right now is in high production. Based on the current 800 times its members have run, it isn't quite up to speed, but there has been a lot of hard work and dedication which could lead it to outperform the last 2 4x8's in 1999 and 2000. There is but one runner returning from the 2000 regions 4x8; Neil Grosscup (2:04). Also, Ethan Jewett (2:05) will surely be on the relay. The two other spots are open to those competing for it. Right now it's looking between Erik DeLapp, Mauricio Yavrincela, Dan Dickinson, or John Thompson.

    The relays are looking good and thanks to hard work over the winter, they could have a shot at outperforming the previous distance relays of Southwest High School.

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 Video Clip: 4x8 of 1999

 Vide Clip: 4x8 of 2000

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