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T h e  N e w  L o o k

There have been a few questions about the new look:

Q: Why was the page redone?

A: A lot of stuff had to be done to make it better, and a lot of the pages needed to be redone entirely, so the page was entirely redone. Also, Neil Grosscup constantly said "Your page SUCKS. Just like YOU suck. I'm telling you this as a friend." (Or was he talking about some photoshop work? Oh well)... What a bold man.

Q: Why is the new main page "orange"? Or, "puke-yellow," as some call it?

A: Gold is a better term. At least orange, anyway. Most puke is usually more yellow. In order to simplify, the idea to use opposite colors on the color wheel was used to intensify text and make the page look better from an overall
standpoint. Orange is derived from yellow; purple is derived from blue, and blue and yellow are opposite on the color wheel. Thus, purple and orange go together in the sense of black and white. This color scheme was suggested by Junius G (, a college student who will graduate with a degree in Computer Science.

A lot of the redesign was inspired by suggestions by webpage designers and computer programmers, as well as people with good expertise in computer art and art related to webpage design.

Q: What else was changed and/or is going to be changed?

A: Java Script has been incorporated into the main page. More of this will be added in the future. Also, Flash is in consideration as an addition on top of Java. This page reconstruction is just the first step to a better Running webpage.

Q: Why aren't there animated GIFs and other 'fancy' things on the new page?

A: It was found out that stealing anything from Ben Zhao's website (the main source for little goodies for the previous Running Page), such as moving follow-the-mouse feet, animated GIF feet, or anything like that, looked bad on the new page because it degrades it from its basic look and makes it look like somebody didn't have anything better to do than slap extra stuff on top of the design, which would be true if those things were kept. Originally there were feet running across the main page, but it looked pretty awful.

In order to create a page that satisfied its viewers, the new page was reviewed by various people who knew something about webpage design and art. Most people suggested no animated gifs, no extra goodies and they also said to cut the wav (wave/midi + autostart=TRUE = Bad). The gifs and attemption to copy moving feet were cut, but the wav was kept. If more people would have MP3 plugins the wav would be switched to MP3, which is much smaller in terms of size. But the main argument to why music is bad is not because of size, but because the idea most people are already listening to music, and don't want something else to start playing.

Please enjoy the new Runners Page.

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