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M  I  D  N  I  G  H  T    R  U  N    2  0  0  1

    Some Southwest runners and Southwest alumni participated in a midnight fun run at Lake of the Isles to start off the new year the right way-- running. Among those who partcipated were Neil Grosscup, Erik DeLapp, Dan Keifenheim, and Daniel Schulte-Sasse (and his sister). There are also rumors of Dennis Curren revealing himself at some point during the evening.

    The course took the runners around the lake 2 times, to cover a total distance of 5.6 miles. Runners were anticipating competition. In the year 2000 there were around 10 athletes that broke the 40 minute barrier, however this year the run was slower.

    Neil Grosscup won the run in just over 34 minutes. Last year he was third. He did not run this as a race, though, as he averaged just over 6 minute per mile pace, or two back-to-back 19 minute 5K runs (minus half a mile). Erik DeLapp finished behind Neil in 2nd place. His time was just over 36 minutes, or two back-to-back 20 minute 5K's. He too ran it as a low-threshold run. Dan Keifenheim and Dan Schulte-Sasse both ran the "fun run" as an easy run, finishing somewhere in the low 40's range. But then it came down to an all-out sprint in the last 200 meters, where Schulte-Sasse got the lean and beat Keifenheim, though later thanked Keifenheim for letting him be the winner.


 Grosscup: I'm gonna win this !@#$%%^ fun run!
DeLapp: It's a great day for a breakaway.
Schulte-Sasse: My goal is to out kick this big monkey next to me...
Keifenheim: I'm a big monkey!

These are not actual fun run quotes

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