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Track meet, or snow shoe race? Track meet, or snow shoe race?
    A tough question for some athletes at Southwest HS... Many decided on the track meet, but there were those who decided on the snow shoe race. Among those who participated in the 5K-10K-20K snow shoe race in Luck, Wisconsin were Ben Zhao, Ethan Jewett, Erik DeLapp, Elisa Berry, and Aliza Segal. All of them were glad they went instead of going to that dumb track meet.
    At the snow shoe race at Luck, our fellow Southwest runners all participated in the 5K run. Luckily, the snow was more firm than last year, and it wasn't snowing. It was a beautiful day with the temperature hanging around 10 degrees. For some runners going, such as Ethan Jewett and Erik DeLapp, it was their first snow shoe race.
    The 5000 Meter Course runs the athletes up two gigantic hills that caused many a person to fall flat on their face. Then they entered the snowy woods and ran along the narrow paths of the wilderness-- a truly beautiful course. Much more interesting than running around a 200 meter indoor track.
    Ben Zhao finished ahead of the rest in the group, taking 2nd place overall and recieving the medal for 1st place in his age group. His time was around 26 minutes. Erik DeLapp finished 4th overall and 1st in his age group, with a time of around 28 minutes. Ethan Jewett unfortunately suffered shin problems, but still managed an 8th place finish in 31 minutes, getting 2nd in his age group. Elisa Berry was third overall for the women, and first in her age group. Aliza Segal finished 2nd in her age group.
    It was truly a fun race, with prizes, long sleeve t-shirts, free food and drink, and more.
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