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A Look Back at Cross Country 2001
And a Look at the Future

   CC 2K1 : Some athletes worth taking a look at.
   Forrest Tahdooahnippah: Many rejoiced when news came that Forrest was going to transfer to Southwest. He had just finished 4th in State in the 3200 during track and was looking strong all summer. Then, at the beginning of the season, an injury struck him and he was out for a few days. He returned, got injured again, and suddenly his whole season was in danger. The men's team raced without him and didn't race well. It looked like he might not run at all this season. He did a few pool workouts a week to keep at least a tiny bit of his conditioning. After getting physical therapy, he returned to training just before the City meet with the intention of making his debut at Regions. And what a debut it was, a first place finish in 16:20. Then, at State, after just a few weeks of running, he finished 3rd in 15:42. Truly a talented and determined runner.
   Neil Grosscup: Suffering asthma problems all summer, Neil had the conditioning he needed to be the best, putting in 100+ miles a week sometimes. But his asthma brought him down, and near the end of the season it was discovered that "vocal chord disfunction" was causing his throat to close up in races. He ran the State meet and finished 22nd, even though he had difficulty breathing the whole last mile. The hardest working of them all, Neil is an important part of the team and an incredible runner.
   Erik DeLapp: Erik was running very well during the summer but into the season injuries pulled him down and he spent a great deal of time in the pool with Forrest. Like Forrest he came back late into the season and helped the team go to State, finishing third for Southwest at State in a personal best of 17:21.
   Dan Dickinson: A key varsity runner for the men, Dan's only problem was holding the pace in races. Unfortunately at State he suffered through a terrible side cramp and was forced to run slow. Nevertheless, Dan is the head captain of the team and is very important.
   Erik Maloney: A key to the team, Maloney was the team's vital fifth runner at Regions and State. Without much conditioning or experience, he had a season best of 17:56 and ran a gutsy 18:07 at the State meet. Without this Sophomore talent the team wouldn't have made it to State.
   Brian Hawthorne: Brian saw great improvements from last year. Using hard work and determination, he improved his 16 mile time to one of the team's most competitive and dropped his 5K to 19:10. Not the best racing year for Brian, but he has been an important part of the team and a perfect example of a hard working runner.
   Micah Blazar: As a freshman, Micah dropped out of most races. This year, he broke through, becoming one of best JV runners on the team and getting a personal best of 19:40. Very impressive.
   Evan Rowe: One of the fastest freshman, Evan also is one of the highest scorers on Zhao's fitness test, and turns in some of the best running journals from the men's team. An all around well balanced and good runner. Evan will be an important part of the team's future.
   Callie Pastarr: After finishing second in State in the 800 last spring, Callie decided to run cross country. She only raced when she wanted to have fun, but still finished an extremely impressive 25th in the State with a stunning time of 15:20 for 4k.
   Koby Hagen: Koby trained with Callie and made it to State individually. She ran an impressive time of 15:45.

   A Look at the Future: Winter Beez 2k2 and Track 2002.
   Winter Beez is looking bigger and stronger than ever before. November is a strange month; for some, it's time for Footlocker; for some, it's a time to relax; and for some, the winter has already started. Decemeber is when Winter Beez will begin, until then most are just running easy or training for Footlocker Regionals. The 8-16, 32, and True Track groups will help athletes be prepared for Track.
   Track & Field 2002 should prove to be interesting, with a large and talented Freshman group, and a strong Junior class. People glance at the 4x800 meter relay and wonder how it'll be. Right now it's fate is being decided by the best middle distance group on the team. Most likely the team will either be much slower than last year, or much much faster. No one will know for a while.

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