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Indoor Meet 7: Minnesota Indoor Championship at Bethel
Date: 3/10/2001

Known Athletes Who Attended:


Neil Grosscup
Ethan Jewett
Carl Henderson
Dan Dickinson
Erik DeLapp
Ben Zhao
Paul Sellers
Brian Hawthorne
Chuck Craycraft
Reva Fred
John Thompson
Heriberto Vargas
Koby Hagen


Mar Jang

OTHERS (from SW or elsewhere)

None seen.

The Events Done (Mostly Run)

The 5000 Meter Run: You have to really like the 5K to run it indoors.

Heriberto Vargas ran a 16:41 indoors... Wow!

La Milla: This was one of the most exciting races at this meet.

Neil Grosscup won the mile, beating Mar Jang. Neil's time was 4:34.
John Thompson ran the mile fast, finishing in the range of 5:08-5:11.
Brian Hawthorne also ran the mile well, finishing in around 5:30.
Ben Zhao finished in the 5:10 range.
Reva Fred finished in the 6:20 range.
Koby Hagen ran around 6:17.

The 800 Meter Run: At last, the 4 x 800 team is coming together...

Dan Dickinson ran the 800 meter run in a solid 2:14.
Paul Sellers came back and ran a 2:12, even though he has an illness... What a baller!
Ethan Jewett dropped a 2:07... Not too bad!
Erik DeLapp ran a solid 2:09.

The Long Jump: We are blessed with a dedicated jumper.

Carl Henderson did the long jump, winning his age division in 15 feet, 9 inches. He was not happy about his distance.

This wraps up the unofficial indoor season... Now we look forward to the official,
MSHSL Track & Field Season 2001. Thanks everyone for your support!

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