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Indoor Meet 6: NSC Allcomers
Date: 3/7/2001

Known Athletes Who Attended:


Forrest Tahdooanippah
Ethan Jewett
Carl Henderson
Dan Dickinson
Erik DeLapp
Ben Zhao


Mar Jang

OTHERS (from SW or elsewhere)

Mauricio Yaurincela
Nathaniel ...

The Events Done (Mostly Run)

La Milla: The mile is one of the most exciting races, and one of the Beez favorites.

Carl Henderson managed a mile slightly under 6 minutes, while training as a sprinter.
Mauricio Yaurincela foolishly won the mile in 5:11... He should have gone slower!

The 800 Meter Run: What an excellent event.

Forrest Tahdooanippah burned it up with a 2:02. Wow!
Mar Jang was seen running a 2:00... Not too bad!

The 400 Meter Dash: The prime event for distance runners at this meet.

Ethan Jewett dropped a 56!
Erik DeLapp dropped a 57!
Dan Dickinson dropped a 61! Hey, wait a minute . . .

The 200 Meter Dash: A bit short...

Ethan Jewett ran this... Around 27 seconds.
Dan Dickinson ran somewhere in the 28 second range.
Ben Zhao ran around 27 seconds.
Mauricio Yaurincela also ran around 27 seconds.

Overall, most people (distance runners in paritcular) did not go very hard at this meet because the
Minnesota USATF Indoor Championship is coming up quickly . . .

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