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Indoor Meet 5: Indoor Classic at YWCA
Date: 2/10/2001

Known Athletes Who Attended:


Neil Grosscup
Carl Henderson


Malcom Richards
Jesse Horst

OTHERS (from SW or elsewhere)

Mauricio Yaurincela

The Events Done (Mostly Run)

La Milla: The mile is one of the most exciting races, and one of the Beez favorites.

Neil Grosscup somehow won the mile in a time of 4:47, taking it easy and going harder in the 3200m.

The 800 Meter Run: What an excellent event.

Poor Mauricio Yaurincela! After running a 2:06 at an earlier meet, he made the mistake
in following a man who claimed to be able to run very fast... unfortunately, he took
Mauricio out way off pace and Yaurincela ended up at 2:13... Oh well.

The 400 Meter Dash: A little short, but still a popular event, even among distance runners.

Who ran this? Anyone?  I think Jesse Horst ran a 56... Does that count as Beez news?

The 200 Meter Dash: I'm not sure any runners on the lists above took this event seriously, but some ran it just for fun.

Carl Henderson placed 2nd overall! I don't remember his time though.

The Long Jump: We are blessed with one dedicated long jumper/sprinter. What a bold man.

Carl Henderson won the long jump!... I don't remember his distance though.
Give me a break! I'm not a jumper, and I wasn't even at the track meet!

The 3200 Meter Run: A little bit long, but there are those who enjoy running 16 laps around a 200 meter track.

Neil Grosscup ran quickly to win the 3200m run in... uh... around 10 minutes. 10:00-10:10. That range. Somewhere in there.

Mauricio Yaurincela ran well and finished in 11:10.

This meet was a bit odd. It seemed there were very few Southwest/Beez athletes attending. Maybe that's because all the GOOD
runners were at the SNOWSHOE race.
Also, one of the most anticipated meets of the winter is on its way: The Bethel Indoor Championships.

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