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Indoor Meet 4: U of M - Meet of the Miles
Date: 1/25/2001

Known Athletes Who Attended:


Forrest Tahdooanippah
Neil Grosscup
Carl Henderson
Ethan Jewett
Dan Dickinson
Erik DeLapp
Ben Zhao
Chuck Craycraft
Jean S.
Ivy K.


Mar Jang

OTHERS (from SW or elsewhere)

Mauricio Yaurincela
Daniel Keifenheim
Heriberto Vargas
Derek !
Eric/k !

The Events Done (All Run)

La Milla: Obviously the only event at the Meet of the Miles is... the mile!
(1) Forrest Tahdooanippah finished in an incredible time of 4:32
(2) Neil Grosscup also finished at an incredible time of 4:35
(3) Dan Keifenheim some how managed a 4:52 mile!
(4) Mauricio Yaurincela ran quickly to finish in 4:47
(5) Dan Dickinson also ran quickly to finish in 4:55
(6) Erik DeLapp got over an illness and jumped back with a 5:01
(7) Ben Zhao ran somewhere in the 5:15 range
(8) Carl Henderson, our excellent sprinting man, ran a 6:03

I do not remember any other times. If you want your time up here, contact me. Thanks.

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