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Indoor Meet 2: U of M All Comers Meet
Date: 1/11/2001

Known Athletes Who Attended:


Neil Grosscup
Carl Henderson
Ethan Jewett
Erik DeLapp
Dan Dickinson
Ben Zhao
Chuck Craycraft
George Harris



OTHERS (from SW or elsewhere)

Mauricio Yaurincela

The Events Done (All Run)

La Milla: The mile is one of the most exciting races, and one of the Beez favorites. At this meet
this mile was a bit slow, but still fun.

Neil Grosscup won the mile in 4:42.
Dan Dickinson ran after a ski meet to a 5:12 finish.
Erik DeLapp ran to a 5:05 finish.
Ethan Jewett ran a good time of 4:53.

The 800 Meter Run: What an excellent event. With the 4x8 in high production it's a good time
to practice.

Mauricio Yaurincela ran a smart race and finished in 2:13.0

The 400 Meter Dash: A little short, but still a popular event, even among distance runners.

Ethan Jewett ran this after his mile to finish in 57 seconds.
Erik DeLapp also ran this after his mile, following Ethan and finishing in 58 seconds.
Dan Dickinson did the same thing, finishing in 62 seconds.
George Harris ran very fast, to finish in 54 seconds.

The 200 Meter Dash: I'm not sure any runners on the lists above took this event seriously, but some ran it just for fun.

Dan Dickinson, distance runner only, finished in 27 seconds after his mile.
Little Jewett ran this "long distance" event and finished in 28 seconds.
Chuck Craycraft unfortunately suffered a hamstring problem and had to drop out.
Carl Henderson dropped a 25 up in this meet.
George Harris, as far as I can remember, also finished in the 25 range.

The 3200 Meter Run: A little bit long, but there are those who enjoy running 16 laps around a 200 meter track.

Neil Grosscup ran a threshold workout winning the race by over a minute. He managed to run in the low 10's after his 4:42 mile.

Mauricio Yavrincela also ran it as a workout, though I do not remember his time.

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