[Image] Indoor Meet 1: Bethel NSC All Comers Meet Date: 12/16/2000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Known Athletes Who Attended: [Image] BEEZ Neil Grosscup Forrest Tahdooanippah Carl Henderson Ethan Jewett Erik DeLapp Dan Dickinson Brent Carlson Summer Hills-Bonczyk Meredith Johnson Laura Berskow Ben Zhao Sasha Hays Chuck Craycraft [Image] THOSE FROM MPLS SCHOOLS (besides SW) -NONE SEEN- [Image] OTHERS (from SW or elsewhere) Cole Zimmerman Rick Orr Mauricio Yavrincela ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Events Done (Mostly Run) La Milla: The mile is one of the most exciting races, and one of the Beez favorites. At this meet there was enough drama in the mile to please all. Forrest Tahdooanippah won the mile in 4:34. Neil Grosscup was a close second in 4:36. Dan Dickinson ran to an excellent finish of 4:58. Brent Carlson ran 5:18. The 800 Meter Run: What an excellent event. With the 4x8 in high production it's time for a few people to see if they make the cut. It was a great race with a fast start. Ethan Jewett ran just a day after giving blood to a second place finish of 2:10. Erik DeLapp ran well and ended in the high range of 2:12. Mauricio Yavrincela, despite taking the early lead and burning up, came in at 2:15. The 400 Meter Dash: A little short, but still a popular event, even among distance runners. At this race we witnessed a breakthrough of a young runner and a hint at potential for a fast 4x4. Rick Orr ran quickly to a 55 second finish. Carl Henderson managed a 3 second PR and finished in 55 seconds. The 200 Meter Dash: I'm not sure any runners on the lists above took this event seriously, but some ran it just for fun. Forrest Tahdooanippah ran this after a fast mile to finish in 27 seconds. Dan Dickinson, distance runner only, finished in 28 seconds after his mile. The Long Jump: Our sprinter/jumper did the long jump. He was the only person on the list that jumped. Carl Henderson did the long jump in 18 feet, something-or-other inches, and finished 2nd. He was not terribly close to his PR, but still did well, and also had a breakthrough in the 400 which was of course more important. The 3200 Meter Run: A little bit long, but there are those who enjoy running 16 laps around a 200 meter track. Neil Grosscup ran a workout winning the race by over a minute. He managed to run a 10:29 while talking and smiling during the race. It is possible he went easy because he decided to run a 4:36 mile an hour or so earlier. Mauricio Yavrincela also ran it as a workout, wearing trainers and waving at people. He did clock an 11:53, though was hesitant to let Neil lap him, as he sprinted back ahead of Neil just 10 or so laps into the race. The 55 Meter Dash: I did not take the time to watch this event because (a) it's not even 100 meters long, and (b) to me times are meaningless in this event because it is only run this time of year on 200 meter tracks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Back to Killer Beez
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