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M   I   D   N   I   G   H   T      R   U   N      2   0   0   2

   Some of the Southwest Lakers and Alumni participated once again at the midnight fun run on New Year's Eve. This year it was Neil Grosscup, Erik DeLapp, Decathlete All-Star Carl Henderson, and graduates Dan Keifenheim, Dennis Curran, and Dan S-S. Before the race the athletes participated in a few games of Mario Kart at the Lounge at DeLapp's house. Upon completing this, they traveled to the movie theater to watch the 9:40 showing of "Ocean's 11," a fun movie to see. They then traveled quickly to Lake of the Isles and go to the starting line right at midnight, just in time to hear some singing before starting the race.
   The "race" takes the runners around the lake twice for a total distance of 5.6 miles. It is not a very competitive field, most people just run to have fun. Erik DeLapp and Neil Grosscup tied for first, averaging about six minute miles over the icy course with a wind chill of around -5. Dan S-S finished third, and the rest followed not too far afterwards. 
   After the race the tired and cold runners retired to Dan S-S's house for water and a few minutes of videogames before they departed. Eventually everyone got home and got some sleep. It was a fun night for the athletes. The next morning Dan Dickinson participated in a new year's 5k run where he finished 6th in about 18:40.
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