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T H E   R E T U R N   T O   F O O T L O C K E R
After a tough roller-coaster of a cross country season, the
Southwest Lakers took it easy at Footlocker this year.
   The conditions: Insane. To be specific: Windy and rainy, 45 degrees, with lots of mud. How much? At least ankle-deep mud over the rolling hills of the tough course. True cross country.
   The Southwest Lakers enjoyed their time during the Footlocker trip this year. The emphasis was more on fun than anything else, especially racing. Third-in-state Forrest Tahdooahnippah ran with friend Fransisco Vargas. No one ran in the Seeded race for the men. The conditions were the slowest, but also the most fun.

   In the Races (5000 meters):
   Erik DeLapp became the "fastest of the team" with a 44th finish in the Junior/Senior race. His time was 18:09.
   Alumni Ethan Jewett ran to a 44th place finish in the open race, with a time of 18:34.
   Neil Grosscup finished 103rd in the Junior/Senior race in 18:45.
   Dan Dickinson ran to a 151st place finish in the same race in 19:12.
   Ben Zhao finished 74th in the open race in a time of 19:40.
   Pablo Huinansaca finished 228th in the Freshman/Sophomore race ina t ime of 20:00.
   Forrest & Fransisco finished 255th and 256th in the Junior/Senior race, in a time of 20:26.
   Koby Hagen finished 194th in the Girls Seeded race in a time of 21:23.
   Aliza Segal finished 348th in the same race with a time of 24:17.
   Lizzy Boosalis finished 380th in the same race in 25:39.
   Katherine Ketter finsihed right behind her in 25:40.
   Lena Suhner finished 355th place in the Seed girls in a time of 24:30.
   Summer Hills-Bonczyk finished 224th in the open race in 24:19.
   Carl Henderson finished 282nd in the Junior/Senior race in a time of 20:52.

   The car trip: Whoa! There was... "Zhao's" car (too much hanky panky), Chuck's car ('Round here), some other cars..... And, Carl's car (THE PARTY CAR!). Obviously the party car was the best. It included Carl Henderson (Carloco), Forrest Tahdooahnippah, Mauricio Yaurincela (The Drunk), Neil Grosscup (What a vulgar guy), Erik DeLapp (Abuelito), Fransisco Vargas, and Pablo Huinanasaca (Nando). There were times when it was cold, times when it was HOT, but it was always good. The party car proceeded to spend nearly one hundred dollars at a Korean restaurant, ordering pounds upon pounds of raw meat and cooking it over the table's grill. 
   Chicago: The party car decided not to go to the museum or anywhere educational. Some went and painted flowers on sidewalks, but the party car went around to different shops and looked around. The Nike store, some restaurants, the Sony store (a robotic dog???), a music store, and so on. "YO ROMPERE TUS FOTOS, YO QUEMARE TUS CARTAS, PARA NO VERTE MAS!"
   Overall, a very fun trip for all! Now comes the arrival of Winter Beez 2002. The fun never ends!