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Twin Cities Grade Level: Forrest Stays on Top
   Top ranked Southwest elite distance star Forrest Tahdooahnippah remains undefeated this season with his third consecutive victory at the Twin Cities Grade Level meet. This meet is not team scored, thus the undefeated Southwest men had no pressure as a team to win and each runner could focus on his own needs. Some of the top runners ran the race as a time trial, others as a workout, and others, such as Neil Grosscup, did not run at all. 
   State-ranked Grosscup listened to the wise words of his physical therapist as he continues recovery from his early season injuries. Fortunately he is recovering well and his mileage is steadily increasing. Despite having these minor problems, his ranking has in fact gone up to number six in the state. Teamwise, the Southwest men's ranking remains at a solid eighth in state.
   The most recent meet, TCGL, is run once again by grade level. The junior and senior men run together and are seperated in the chute after completing the 5000 meter course. The sophomores run with the freshmen, but on the men's side the sophomores run the full 5k while the freshmen run 3200 meters. On the women's side, juniors and seniors run 4000 meters while freshmen and sophomores run 3200 meters. The course takes runners around a mile-long loop that contains quite a few hills (none of them terribly steep, but fairly long).
   Below are some of the top times for the men and women of Southwest.

Men's 5000 Meter Times (Name, Grade, Time, Place in Grade Level)
Forrest Tahdooahnippah - 12- 15:49 - 1st
Erik DeLapp - 12 - 17:32 - 3rd
Dan Dickinson - 12 - 17:43 - 4th
Evan Rowe - 10 - 18:55 - 3rd
Francisco Vargas - 12 - 18:57 - 14th
Austin Groth - 12 - 19:00 - 15th
Gavin Weir - 10 - 19:12

Women's Times (Name, Grade, Distance, Time)
Lizzy Boosalis - 12 - 4k - 17:59
Katherine Ketter - 12 - 4k - 17:57
Danielle Walter - 12 - 4k - 19:18
Anna-Laura Scandrett - 11 - 4k - 20:46
Courtney Larson - 11 - 4k - 21:33
Molly Tolins - 10 - 3.2k - 13:50
Trina Pastarr - 9 - 3.2k - 13:59

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