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Region 5AA Championship: And The Season Rolls On...
   The bad news at this year's regional meet: the Southwest women narrowly lost to Robbinsdale Armstrong (only two points). The good news: the women's team finished second, the men's team won, thus both teams qualified for state, and four Southwest athletes qualified individually. Southwest also won the team academic championship for both the men and the women (physics for life!). In other words, Southwest overall dominated the meet this year and is sending as many runners to the state meet as is possible.
   In the women's race, the team ran a brutal and tough battle, destroying almost all the competition in the process and just narrowly missing the team championship. Senior Callie Pastarr led the team with a second place finish. She was closely followed by sophomore sensation Jamie Cheever. Both of the top women qualified individually. Fortunately their team will follow them, thanks to the efforts of Molly Tolins, Trina Pastarr, Danielle Walter, Katherine Ketter, and Lizzy Boosalis. It is worth noting that while practically everyone ran a season best, Danielle ran a fifty second seasonal best to push the team to the level it needed to be at.
   For the men, Forrest Tahdooahnippah continued his dominance with a first place finish. Neil Grosscup had a seasonal breakthrough with his impressive fifth place finish. Both of them qualified individually, but are also taking the whole team, thanks to Erik DeLapp, Dan Dickinson, Erik Maloney, Gavin Weir, and Evan Rowe, who all ran personal bests. The men took the win, beating city rival Edison once again. It's good to see the city conference rising in power again, as two city schools will be running this year at the state meet.

Unofficial Results:

Women's Varsity - 4000 Meters
Callie Pastarr - 15:28 - 2nd
Jamie Cheever - 15:28 - 3rd
Molly Tolins - 16:28 - 15th
Trina Pastarr - 16:33 - 18th
Danielle Walter - 17:03 - 24th
Katherine Ketter - 17:15 - 27th
Lizzy Boosalis - 17:52 - 45th

Men's Varsity - 5000 Meters
Forrest Tahdooahnippah - 15:50 - 1st
Neil Grosscup - 16:17 - 5th
Erik DeLapp - 16:59 - 14th
Dan Dickinson - 17:02 - 16th
Erik Maloney - 17:20 - 22nd
Gavin Weir - 18:07 - 51st
Evan Rowe - 18:34 - 63rd

(JV results will be posted at a later date)

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