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The Southwest Men Win Again
   The undefeated Southwest men's team achieved their second victory at the Red Knight Invitational, held this year at Minnehaha falls. This meet is scored differently than most cross country meets. While traditionally the places of the top five runners are added up for a team score, this meet is split into several races based on grade level. The top seven times for each team are then added up for a final team time. This system awards not only the fastest team, but also the team with more depth. The course took the runners around a figure eight loop with a half mile northern loop and half mile southern loop. The men went around the figure eight twice for a total of 3200 meters while the women went around one and a half times for a total of 2400 meters. The conditions were blistering hot. The temperature got into the 90's with the high humidity pushing the heat index toward 100 degrees. The temperature was not terribly uncomfortable in the earlier races, but by the time the seniors ran it became a factor to take into consideration when looking at times.
   The men's team was led by top ranked Forrest Tahdooahnippah who easily pulled ahead of the competition in the senior race. He was backed up by state-ranked Neil Grosscup and also by veterans Erik DeLapp, Erik Maloney, Dan Dickinson, Evan Rowe, and rookie Bernabe. The team won overall with a time roughly three minutes faster than the second-place team. Their average for the top seven runners was just under 11 minutes.
   The women's team finished fourth. Unfortunately not many results and details have been collected about their finish, but it is known that senior Callie Pastarr led the racing team with a second place finish in the senior race. She was backed up by veterans Molly Tolins, Lizzy Boosalis, Katherine Ketter, and also by rookie Trina Pastarr.
   Below are partial, very much unofficial results.

Men (1st) - 3200 Meters - (Name - Grade - Time - Place in Race)
*Forrest Tahdooahnippah - 12 - 9:57 - 1st
*Neil Grosscup - 12 - 10:25 - 4th
*Erik DeLapp - 12 - 10:52 - 5th
*Erik Maloney - 11 - 10:59 - 2nd
*Dan Dickinson - 12 - 11:05 - 9th
*Evan Rowe - 10 - 11:23 - 3rd
*Bernabe - 10 - 11:52 - 7th
Gavin Weir - 10 - 11:56 - 8th
Eric Carter - 10 - 11:59 - 10th
Nate Simon - 9 - 11:59 - 5th

Women (4th) - 2400 Meters (Name - Grade - Place in Race)
*Callie Pastarr - 12 - 2nd
*Trina Pastarr - 9 - 2nd
*Lizzy Boosalis - 12 - 7th
*Molly Tolins - 10 - 4th
*Katherine Ketter - 12 - 11th

*Placed in the top seven for Southwest

   If you have more results and have found an error in these results, please contact the webmaster.
   The next meet Southwest will face is the Twin Cities Grade Level meet, which is not team scored. The team will probably not run it very hard. Their true first team-scored 5000/4000 meter race will be Hudson where they will face much tougher competition.

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