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Some of the Top Athletes

Forrest Tahdooahnippah: The state champion in the 3200 meters during track season with a time of 9:21, Forrest is coming into the season ready to challenge the state individually while he leads the team in racing. His Junior time in cross country of 15:42 for the 5k is especially impressive considering he barely ran at all during the season due to an injury. (Senior)

Neil Grosscup: Holding an impressive time of 9:21.8 in the 3200 meters last track season, Neil is coming into the season in great shape. He hopes to smash his PR of 15:58 in the 5k and run with Forrest in races to become a powerful force in the state. (Senior)

Dan Dickinson: Having run 17:12 this spring in the 5k, Dan Dickinson is coming into the season having run impressive workouts during the summer. He has been training with Erik DeLapp and both have been pushing each other to harder and better workout results. (Senior)

Erik DeLapp: With a best time of 17:18, Erik is hoping that his newly found 52 second 400 speed and his improved endurance workouts will help carry him to a better cross country season. Erik was Southwest's third runner at the state meet last year during cross country. (Senior)

Erik Maloney: One of the younger top runners, Erik ran an impressive 4:51 1600 during track season and hopes to smash his Sophomore best of 17:56 for the 5k. His lightweight body is ideal for longer distance running and as long as he stays injury free he could have a breakthrough season. (Junior)

JT: JT is the season's wild card. (Senior)

Francisco Vargas-Olalde: Francisco became a distance force during track season, bringing his 5k time down to 18:06 and beating several of Southwest's top runners during the annual Colorado trip. He is more of a cross country runner than a track runner so it will be interesting to see how much he improves this year. (Senior)

Evan Rowe: Evan ran 18:50 in the 5k at the end of track and has become an icon of the future of Southwest distance running. His work ethic has been one of the most impressive and he should see great improvements coming into this season. (Sophomore)

Anthony McElligot: A rookie in cross country, Anthony is a track runner with 53 second 400 speed. He is transforming into a mid-distance and distance runner and decided to join cross country this year. If everything goes right he could prove to be an important part of Southwest distance running. (Junior)

Austin Groth: Austin was Southwest's seventh runner at state last year during cross country and has a best time of 19:20 in the 5k. He will continue distance running this season and could see great improvements from last season. (Senior)

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