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M S H S L   S T A T E   C C   M E E T   2 0 0 1
   Southwest had a strong showing at the Minnesota Cross Country State Meet on Saturday. Last year only two athletes went, one finishing 8th and All-State. This year, the Men's Varsity qualified its team and two women individually qualified, for a total of nine athletes running. Top runner Forrest Tahdooahnippah ran a tough race to finish in a personal best and get 3rd place in the State. Neil Grosscup came in second for Southwest, suffering an asthma attack but still finishing in 22nd place, an All-State finish. Erik DeLapp finished third for Southwest in 87th place, Erik Maloney finished fourth, and Dan Dickinson, who suffered an agonizing side cramp, finished fifth for the team in a disappointing race. Pablo Huinansaca and Austin Groth rounded out the top seven. On the girls side, Callie Pastarr just made All-State honors with a 25th place finish. Koby Hagen finished in 80th place. Overall, the men's team finished 13th out of 16, even though Grosscup had asthma problems and Dickinson had a sidecramp. Their Region rival Robbinsdale Armstrong finished last.

Below are the times that the Southwest athletes ran.

Men's 5000 Meter Times
Forrest Tahdooahnippah - 15:42.5 - 3rd
Neil Grosscup - 16:15.4 - 22nd
Erik DeLapp - 17:21.2
Erik Maloney - 18:07.0
Dan Dickinson - 18:20.1
Pablo Huinansaca -  18:58.4
Austin Groth - 19:33.0

Women's 4000 Meter Times
Callie Pastarr - 15:20.0 - 25th
Koby Hagen - 16:14.6

   Overall, a pretty good season for the team of Southwest, and an improvement from last year. The Southwest men started out so-so, had a pretty bad middle of the season, but came back at the end to finish strong. Now many  of the top runners are taking a week of recovery before they begin training again.

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