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   The Southwest Time Trial, traditionally held on the first day of official practice, is a reminder to athletes that they should have been training all summer, and it was designed as an indicator to measure their fitness level coming into the cross country season. Some of the top varsity runners were out of town or unable to make it to the 2 mile time trial. Below are the top three of those who did show up.

1st - Heriberto Vargas - 10:55
2nd - Erik DeLapp - 11:05
3rd - Mauricio Yaurincela - 11:10

1st - Erik DeLapp - 11:05
2nd - Dan Dickinson - 11:20
3rd - Brian Hawthorne - 12:20

1st - Heriberto Vargas - 10:55
2nd - Mauricio Yaurincela - 11:10
3rd - Paul Sellers - 11:45

   The real stories lie behind the numbers. Heriberto's first place finish was impressive considering he was coming off of an injury, and Mauricio's finish was impressive considering his training has not been completely consistant this summer. Dan Dickinson's finish was impressive considering that two days before this time trial he ran 16 miles in 1:52, and wasn't even tired after the time trial.
   Erik DeLapp's dreams of winning one time trial in his high school career have ended after being beaten by alumni Heriberto Vargas. The winning spot was wide open thanks to the absence of top runners Forrest Tahdooanippah and Neil Grosscup. Last year Erik DeLapp finished second to Neil who won in 10:20. In 1999, Reed DeLapp was the winner in 10:58.
   To make the story even more incredible, there was one of the largest Freshman boys turnouts ever. Not only did a huge number of Freshman boys come to the time trial, most of them ran the full 2 miles and finished in impressive times. The depth of Southwest Cross Country has been increased quite a bit thanks to this new large and talented class.

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