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R E D   K N I G H T  2 0 0 1 :  A N O T H E R   L O S S   W I T H   S O M E   G O O D   N E W S
   The men's team lost their second meet, and have started a 2-race losing streak thus far in the season, as opposed to their 2 race winning streak the previous year. Some might blame the loss on the fact that three of the top seven Southwest varsity runners did not run, for their various reasons. Top runner Forrest Tahdooahnippah has sat out his second Southwest CC race, core four runner Erik DeLapp sat out with him, and varsity runner Pablo was unable to run. Below are the top seven Southwest finishers.

Neil Grosscup - 9:53 (3200 meters)
Dan Dickinson - 10:38
Erik Maloney - 11:08
Brian Hawthorne - 11:30
John Thompson - 11:34
Carl Henderson - 11:38
Austin Groth - About 11:53
Other Notable Finishers: Erik Carter - 11:59, Evan ... - 12:02

   Neil Grosscup finished first overall in the Junior race and had the fastest time of the entire race. Dickinson finished third in the Junior race, having to run solo with the absence of DeLapp, and he finished in a solid time. Sophomore sensation Erik Maloney proved again his mental toughness in races with an impressive third place finish in the Sophomore race. Brian Hawthorne and John Thompson ran together in the Junior race, Hawthorne coming in just ahead of Thompson, with Decathlete All-Star Carl Henderson coming in soon after, followed by Austin Groth. Many were surprised at the large number of fast Freshman times, such as "EC" and Evan. Carter (EC) finished in a large sub-12 range while Evan just missed cracking the barrier-- but still a very impressive finish for a rookie.
   The Southwest men have plenty of time to get things together, and although there is frustration at how the team has been performing early in the year, most know that the goal is to peak later in the year, at Regions and possibly State.

  Other News in CC:
  Who the heck is that South guy?
  Recently in the paper were results to a cross country meet where an unknown runner from Minneapolis South High School ran a 15:51 5K. If the results are accurate, this is by far one of the most competitive times in the State thus far. What is unknown is what kind of depth the team at South has. Southwest will first meet South at the Roy Griak Invitational at the U of M, and later race at City and Regions. Until then it is a mystery.
  What the heck happened to so many of Southwest's top runners?
  The Southwest runners generally never run on injury, even if it minor, retreating to the school's pool or aerobics room. Both Forrest Tahdooahnippah and Erik DeLapp have minor injuries at this point which is why they didn't race, but they should be back running soon.

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