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   Cross Country 2001 is heating up over the summer and there are many runners looking to do well this season on the Southwest team. Below are the possible top runners of the 2001 season.

   Forrest Tahdooanippah: Coming off an excellent track season with a 4th place finish in the 3200 meter run, Forrest has plans to smash his sophomore PR of 15:54 in the 5K. Training with friend Neil Grosscup, they push the pace in all the workouts.

   Neil Grosscup: Neil had a tremendous success in his sophomore year, finishing 8th place in State in cross country and running a 15:58 5K. He has high hopes this year that he will be able to do even better in the State meet. He will train with friend Forrest and the rest of the team to achieve his goals.

   Dan Dickinson: Dan Dickinson was Southwest's third runner last year, and will return as the favorite to be the third runner again. He ran a 17:25 5K as a sophomore, but has since increased his mileage and intensity. In fact, he is now doing more mileage than most people on the team. He has hopes for a breakthrough season.

   Erik DeLapp: The number four runner for Southwest at Regions last year, Erik will return as the favorite to be the number four runner. He ran a 17:52 as a Sophomore, but due to injuries, was barely able to run any hard workouts during the season. Now he has his injury problem under control and is ready for a great season of running.

   Erik Maloney: The youngest of the top runners, Erik played soccer as a Freshman but went out for Track. With no experience in running he managed to break five minutes in the mile his first season, and then went on to run an 18:20 5K time trial at the end of the Track season. Now in his Sophomore year, he has decided that Cross Country is the sport for him-- a smart choice. Erik will be an important part of the Southwest team.

   John Thompson: John Thompson did not have a good racing year as a Sophomore, but has been running great workouts, runs a 5 minute mile, and ran an 18:30 5K time trial at the end of Track season. Now he is building a base and could be one of Southwest's top runners this fall.

   Cole Zimmerman: Cole ran cross country for the last two years. Last year he was beginning to grow a love for running when a stress fracture put a sudden end to his season. Cole is an extremely talented runner, who ran a 18:40 5K with no base at all. He is now increasing his mileage and could be one of Southwest's key runners for the fall.

   Brent Carlson: Brent was Southwest's number six runner at Regions last year, and the number five runner at City. He ran an 18:18 5K as a Sophomore. Currently, he is building his base back and is looking forward to the cross country season of 2001.

   "Little" Hargrove: Nate Hargrove was a Senior who came out for Track for the first time as a Senior, and suddenly ran a 49 second 400 and a 1:58 800. His natural talent shocked the Southwest distance runners. His brother is coming in as a Freshman. If he has some of the talent his brother has, he could prove to be an extremely competitive runner.

   Brian Hawthorne: Brian did not race well as a Freshman and Sophomore. He worked hard to build a strong base foundation during Track season, which lead him to a 5:08 mile and an 18:58 5K. This fall he is looking forward to a breakthrough season.

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