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P R E  -  R E G I O N S   U P D A T E
   Regions is coming, and most teams look at Southwest and wonder why a team that was supposed to be good is racing so badly. Neil Grosscup has been running 90 mile weeks until just a while ago, Dan Dickinson has been holding 70 mile weeks, Erik DeLapp has been struggling with a non-stop series of injuries, and most just haven't been racing well. This led to losses at every meet thus far in the season, and if the Southwest Lakers don't do well at the next one, the season will be over. Regions is the road to State, and only two teams qualify. So far both Robbinsdale Armstrong and Minneapolis Edison have shown superior strength in racing to Southwest...
   So why should Regions go better for Southwest? A nice taper could help. Also, the "CORE FOUR" is healthy again. The Core Four runners, Forrest Tahdooahnippah, Neil Grosscup, Dan Dickinson, and Erik DeLapp have been all having problems during the season. For a large part of the season, it was only Neil and Dan. Now all four runners are back. The pre-season problems of a lack of a fifth runner has been solved with the addition of Sophomore talent Erik Maloney, who finsihed a gutsy 13th in the City and has already broken 18 minutes in the 5k.
   The Regions lineup is strong. Coming back from an over-extension of the knee, Forrest Tahdooahnippah leads the team along with Neil Grosscup. Erik DeLapp is back and will run by Dan Dickinson. Erik Maloney fills the fifth spot. Sophomore Pablo Huinansaca and Junior Austin Groth fill the sixth and seventh spots. Austin finished 2nd in the JV race in City and never got close to breaking his very smooth form, while the winner had broken form the whole race. For the first time this season the Men's Varsity team could put things together and come out with a good team race.
   The women also have a shot at going to State. Regions should prove to be an interesting race for the Lakers.

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