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P O S T   R E G I O N S   U P D A T E
   After the Regions race where the men qualified for State behind Robbinsdale Armstrong, we are taking a look back on the season thus far and what our top runners have run in terms of time in the 5k, in any particular race. Most people are hoping to run season bests at State, and although most likely not everyone will, it is interesting to take a look at the times people are looking to break.
   Also, some of the JV results from Regions were found and will be posted below.
Top Regions JV Results
Brian Hawthorne - 19:35 - 10th
Carl Henderson - 19:40
Fransisco Vargas - ????
John Thompson - 19:45
Evan Rowe - 20:00

   Below are the top times from this season, from any particular race. *Regions Varsity
*Forrest Tahdooahnippah - 16:20 (Regions)
*Neil Grosscup - 16:24 (Hudson)
*Dan Dickinson - 17:33 (Blaine)
*Erik DeLapp - 17:44 (Regions)
*Erik Maloney - 17:56 (Hudson)
*Pablo Huinansaca - 19:02 (Regions)
Brian Hawthorne - 19:11 (Hudson)
John Thompson - 19:14 (Blaine)
*Austin Groth - 19:20 (Regions)
Eric Carter - 19:30 (Blaine)
Micah Blazar - 19:40 (City)
Carl Henderson - 19:40 (Regions)
Evan Rowe - 19:43 (Blaine)

   The Southwest men will be outgunned by many teams at State but have a strong advantage with their 1-2 punch that most had forgotten about in the middle of the season due to injuries. It's up to the 3-4-5 runners to break through for what could be the best State showing Southwest has had in a long time.

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