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M I L L E R   R E L A Y S   2 0 0 1  -  T H E  U N U S U A L  C O U R S E
   The Miller relays meet is a unique cross country race, where there are various relay teams of 4 runners, each doing a mile, so that the total distance is 4 miles. The first runner runs out a mile, the second runs back to where the first started and the third runs back to where the second started, and ultimately the finish line is in the same place the starting line is. The problem was that although the course measured exactly one mile out, it measuered 1500 meters back, do to a large turn that the course out takes, and the course back doesn't take. The Men's varsity team was composed of Erik DeLapp, John Thompson, Brian Hawthorne, and Erik Maloney. Neil Grosscup and Dan Dickinson ran the varsity co-ed team... The Southwest men came in first, the Southwest women also won, and the Southwest co-ed team won. Below are some of the top mile and 1500 times.

Mile Times (1609 meters)
Erik DeLapp - 4:55
Brian Hawthorne - 5:33

1500 Times (and converted mile times)
Neil Grosscup - 4:30 (4:49 mile)
Dan Dickinson - 4:38 (4:58 mile)
Erik Maloney - 4:52 (5:13 mile)
Carl Henderson - 4:55 (5:16 mile)
John Thompson - 4:57 (5:18 mile)
Micah Blazar - 5:05 (5:27 mile)

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