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H U D S O N   2 0 0   :  A  L O S S  A N D  A  G A I N
   Hudson was another meet that Southwest thought they might be able to win with the addition of Forrest Tahdooahnippah. However, both Erik DeLapp and Forrest Tahdooahnippah sat out and ran hard in the pool instead of running Hudson, letting their injuries heal so that they may run at Roy Griak. Thus without two of the core four runners, the team was hurting in its lack of consistantly fast depth. However, there were noble efforts by all of the Varsity runners at this meet, and top Southwest runners have begun to gain great faith in their newly improved number five runner.
   Neil Grosscup finished fourth overall, and Dan Dickinson also finished in the top 18. They led Southwest to a disappointing sixth place finish, as opposed to their second place finish of last year. Unfortunately Southwest's number four runner at this meet, Pablo, was forced to drop out because of a pain in his hip. Erik Maloney, the predicted 5th runner for Southwest as the peak of the season arrives, managed to impress everyone with an outstanding sub 18 minute finish. He has only begun to realize his potential, as this is his first year of cross country, he didn't train over the summer at all, and this is his first real 5k race of the season. Brian Hawthorne came in fourth for Southwest in a slightly disappointing time, but once he tapers off he is expected to drop plenty of time. Wrapping up the top five was Decathlete All-Star Carl Henderson who matched his 5k PR from last year. John Thompson and Austin Groth rounded out the top seven.
   Below are some of the results for the top runners.

Neil Grosscup - 16:23
Dan Dickinson - 17:39
Erik Maloney - 17:56
Brian Hawthorne - 19:10
Carl Henderson - 19:50
John Thompson - 19:55
Austin Groth - 20:00
Evan Rowe (Freshman race) - 20:05

   This meet could be looked at as a disappointment, but some of the top runners have their hopes up now that the problem of a lack of a fifth runner is beginning to be solved, thanks to the talent and toughness of Sophomore sensation Erik Maloney. Both DeLapp and Tahdooahnippah are aiming at the Roy Griak Invitational at the U of M. There Southwest will possibly come face to face with Wolive Bekelcha and the teams from Minneapolis South and Maple Grove. It should prove to be interesting.

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