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B L A I N E  &  S W A I N  :   S T A R T I N G   T O    B O U N C E   B A C K
   U of M may have been considered the bottom pit of the season for training and racing, but Blaine was definately worse in terms of racing. However, after hitting rock bottom, the team is just starting to bounce back into action and is looking to be ready for the races where it counts.

   Neil Grosscup had an asthma attack and was barely able to finish, while Dan Dickinson led the team with a medal earning 17:33 finish. Erik Maloney was out for this race, though he is not injured. Neil managed to finish second for the team, while John Thompson finished third with a time of around 19:14. Brian Hawthorne ran around 19:24. Many impressive finishes were made by the younger side of the team, as Eric Carter "EC" broke twenty for the first time, finishing in around 19:30. Close behind him was Decathlete All-Star Carl Henderson, who PRed in a time of 19:40. Evan Rowe finished in 19:43, and Micah Blazar "Mini Blaze" finished in 19:56. Erik DeLapp began running hard workouts again, as he ran mile repeats on the Blaine course instead of racing.

   Neil Grosscup was forced to run JV since he had been having asthma problems. Erik DeLapp was forced to run JV because he was coming off of an injury. Neil and Erik ran together near the front of the pack, though Neil did not finish in the chute, instead he ran off to the side and dismissed his "first place JV finish." Erik DeLapp then finsihed "second," running at a controlled high threshold pace, comfortably below an all out effort. Erik Maloney helped lead the Sophomore and Freshman men to a 2nd place finish in the Sophomore Boys AA race. Maloney's third place finish added on to Pablo's 12th place and Micah Blazar's 16th place finish. The one runner that ran Varsity was Dan Dickinson. Below are some partial time results.
Neil Grosscup - (DNF) JV - 17:30
Dan Dickinson - Varsity - 18:17
Erik DeLapp - JV - 18:21
Austin Groth - JV - 20:27
Erik Maloney - 4K - 15:05
Pablo Huinansaca - 4K - 15:47
Micah Blazar - 4K - 15:59

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