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Track Season 2001 and the Future of the Southwest Lakers
   Track '01: A Few Athletes Worth Taking a Look At by Erik DeLapp
   Callie Pastarr: I first heard about a rookie sophomore girl that was a part of the sprinter's group that was apparently very fast. I heard from the Jumping Head Captain Carl Henderson that she could beat most of the guys in the workout and was apparently running ridiculous times. The first time I saw her run was at the City Indoor Meet where she made the 4x800 meter relay team. She ran under 2:30 and the team began to see how talented a runner she was. Through out the season she kept dropping her time and got to 2:22. Head coach Zhao switched her to the 4/8 Group and she started doing workouts with 800 veteran Koby Hagen. By the time the City meet came along, she was the fastest 800 runner on the team. She won the city 800, then went and won the Regions 800. Then she went to State and qualified for the 800 Finals by getting 2nd in her heat. In the final, she stayed with the lead pack and then moved down the final stretch and finished second (in 2:17!)! What an improvement! Definately one of the most surprising talents to have joined the Southwest Track Team.
   Nate Hargrove: Nate came as a Senior football player that apparently had some speed. I didn't really think much of him. I didn't know him, and he didn't seem interested in running anything over 200 meters. His Fly-30 time wasn't shocking, either. But at a JV Meet people convinced him to try the 400. I don't remember his time exactly, but it wasn't that fast. But at some point in that season, he got put on the 4x400 meter relay team and suddenly started running 51's everytime he ran, even if it was cold and raining. I was shocked. I got to know him better and kept trying to get him to try the 800 meter run. He finally did at a small low-key meet, running to an easy first in 2:08. Most knew he could go much faster-- he was obviously an extremely talented middle distance runner. Later, at a time trial, he ran 2:01. From then on he became not just a sprinter, but a secret weapon for the 4x800 team for Regions. He won the City 800-- leading Southwest to a 1-2-4 finish in that race, and anchored the 4x800 team at Regions, running 2:01, and outkicking the competition to finish first. At State he anchored and ran 1:58. What a great runner!
   Ethan Jewett: As a Junior, Ethan Jewett seemed stuck at 2:12 in the 800 meter run. Suddenly he ran 2:08 at City and finished fourth. Then he finished 2:05 at Regions. Coming back as a Senior, he helped lead the 4x8 to State with 2:02. In fact, he ran 2:02 at City, 2:02 at Regions, and 2:02 at State. If only he had gotten a haircut, it would have gotten him down to 2:00! Oh well, he's still one of the best middle distance runners Southwest has ever had.
   Koby Hagen: Koby came as an 800 runner that had run around 2:30 as a Sophomore. Then, as a Junior, she suddenly became one of the best in the Region and dropped her time to 2:22. Wow!
   Erik Maloney: A Freshman, I heard that he was a very talented runner, though I never saw why people thought so. I saw him run a six minute mile at an indoor meet during the winter. Then, he suddenly ran 5:18 during the season. Then he ran 5:08 at the City Relays, then went down to 5:02, and at Regions he ran a 4:59. At the 5K time trial, he ran 18:20... Erik will definately be an important part of our cross country team next fall, as he decided to run Cross Country instead of playing Soccer.
   Personally, I went from running 2:13 800 as a Freshman to running 2:03 as a Sophomore.

The Future: KBi and CC2K1
   The Killer Beez International running club is heating up for  the summer and is ready to come back and perform well. Many of the Killer Beez middle distance and distance runners are also looking forward to this fall's Cross Country season. The future looks bright for the KBi and Southwest Lakers.

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