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A Look Back at Track 2002 in Photographs
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if that's true, then making a photo album of Track 2002 is a lot easier for me than writing out a multi-thousand word article about the season. These pictures were taken by THE RUNNERS PAGE photographer, Dan A. Dickinson.

Freshman Standout Evan Rowe Demonstrates the Power of his Class

Distance runner, sprinter, and mid distance athlete John Thompson

Hans Early-Nelson, the head of the throws

Maloney the Miracle Miler

The well-known and well-liked David Jewett

Erik DeLapp, taking a break before another middle distance race

Pablo & Francisco, part of the Southwest distance core

A group of Freshman, plus Austin Groth, in the infield

Neil and Forrest running at the State meet

Forrest winning the State meet

Mid distance star Aliza Segal at State

Callie Pastarr at State

Jamie Cheever at State

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