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I  N  D  E  X    O  F    A  L  L    M  E  D  I  A

1999 4x8 Clip   2.1 MB

2000 4x8 Clip 1.7 MB

2000 City 800 Clip 2.2 MB

Kris Johnson, "Zhao is a Butterfly." 2.5 MB

2001 Triathlon Pictures (JPEG)

2001 Colorado Trip Pictures (JPEG)

SW Invitational with Holy Angels 2002 (JPEG)

The City Relays Meet 2002 (JPEG)

The MSHSL Track Meet 2002 (JPEG)

A Look Back at Track 2002 (JPEG)

2002 Colorado/New Mexico Trip (JPEG)

 A Look Back at Cross Country 2002 (JPEG)

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