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Looking Back at Cross Country 2002:
Photographs by Dan Dickinson

Preparing for the start of the race, the runners are lined up

Hundreds upon hundreds of runners lined up for Roy Griak

Some freshmen running at Swain

Anna-Laura smiles while running

Austin, chilling the most

Some gentlemen showing up to a meet

Some guys that are ready to run

Brian tearing it up

Wow, Danielle's hair is in an interesting position

Willie Richards, beating Dan Dickinson???

Eric Carter ahead of Derek Maanum

A group of girls relaxing

JT Money and Derek Maanum at Mustang

Kaptain Katherine Ketter

An intense race

Erik Maloney

Maloney. Erik Maloney.

Matt Forrest on the run

Blaze challenging Wayzata

Miiiiiiiiike Jensooon!

Molly being beaten mercilessly

Everyone looks up to Reva!

DQ them, baby!

A beast!

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