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The answer: dominate.
The difference: the distance.
Most serious distance runners don't do only short sprints during Track. The distance runners at Southwest run everything from the 400 Meter Dash to the 3200 Meter Run. There have been SW Distance runners clocking 400's in the range of 51 seconds! But the truth is, most distance runners run the 800, 1600 and 3200 as their main events. Here's a little of what distance runners are made of:
Forrest Tahdooahnippah, long distance: 3200 in 9:21, 1600 in 4:16
Neil Grosscup, long distance: 3200 in 9:21, 1600 in 4:23
Dan Dickinson, long distance: 3200 in 10:20
Erik DeLapp, middle distance: 800 in 2:02, 400 in 52
Callie Pastarr, middle distance: 800 in 2:17
Carl Henderson, sprinter/jumper: 400 in 53, 200 in 22.5, LJ in 21'
In Cross Country, a standard race is 5000/4000 meters, and the shortest race is 3200/2400 meters.
In Track, the shortest race is 100 meters, and the longest race is 3200 meters.

Neil Grosscup has clocked fast times in almost all high school distance events.
We label him as sub 2:05, sub 4:30, sub 9:30, and sub 16
in the 800m, mile, 3200m, and 5k.
Wow! What a great distance runner!

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