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Athlete Profiles - Winter 2001-2002

Forrest Tahdooahnippah - "Forrest"
Forrest is the top runner at Southwest and a Senior. He has an impressive history in the MSHSL. Sixth in State CC as a Sophomore, third in CC as a Junior, fourth in the 3200 meter run as a Sophomore, first as a Junior, and fifth in the state 1600 as a Junior. Forrest is also a brilliant student, achieving a high grade point average. He is probably best known for his loud and hillarious sense of humor and his stories.
Neil Grosscup - "The Real Deal"
Another Senior, Neil has had much success in his running career, finishing 8th place in State CC as a Sophomore and running under 16 minutes in the 5000 m. Neil is known for his level head and subtle sense of humor (which is quickly becoming less subtle as he ages). He appears to be almost an opposite of Forrest, but the two are good friends and train together year round. Neil is arguably the hardest working athlete at Southwest High School and has been seen running over one hundred miles a week. Neil is an important part of the team.
Dan Dickinson - "Dick"
Yet another Senior, Dan is the head captain of the team and has led the team to State. He ran 17:25 for 5,000 meters as just a Sophomore. Dan is a key element of the team's social structure, he's almost always up to date on team gossip and helps team members out with various issues. He's also one of the best students on the team. Dan is an important part of the success of Southwest Cross Country.
Erik DeLapp - "Abuelito"
Erik trains with Dan Dickinson during Cross Country and does middle distance running in the spring. He owns a personal best in the 5,000 m of 17:21 and helped the team go to State. He is in his Senior year and is known for being a cynical old man.
Erik Maloney - "Malogna"
Erik was the vital 5th runner for Southwest during the Cross Country season of 2001. He decided to run CC instead of playing soccer after a successful Freshman year in Track. The team's top underclassman of 2001, Erik's natural talent and racing toughness helped the team go to State. He is known for his many unusual talents, such as a unusually high vocal range. Now a Junior, Erik will return to better his race times and become an even more important part of the team.
Pablo Huinansaca - "Nando"
Pablo is a smart and hard working runner. Another fast Junior, he came into the season proving his mental toughness and left with an impressive 18:58 5k time for 5,000 meters. Pablo has a good sense of humor and will be a vital key to the future of the team.
Austin Groth - "Austin"
Austin made the #7 spot on Southwest's varsity and ran at the State meet in 2001. Austin has very good and smooth running form. He has seen impressive improvements from his Sophomore year and now as a Senior is enjoying the benefits from his hard work and commitment toward running and athletics.
Brian Hawthorne - "Master Chief"
Brian is another Senior that has seen impressive improvements over his years of running. In 2001 he captured a 19:10 for 5,000 meters. Brian is an important part of keeping gossip and mischief under control. He is known for his sarcasm and sharp mind. He is also one of the best cooks on the team, often making breakfast for some of the top runners. 
Carl Henderson - "Crazy Carl"
Carl is our All-Star Decathlete and a Senior. He is talented in distance running and can also do almost every event in Track & Field. The center of gossiping of the team, Carl is always up to date on what's going on in the team. He is one of the top captains and a good role model for someone dedicated to year-round fitness.
John Thompson - "JT Money"
John is another member of the strong Senior class. He has plenty of natural speed and enjoys long runs. John is a dedicated distance runner and an important part of the team. He trains hard and has solid times in everything from the 100 m to the 5,000 m.
Evan Rowe - "Evan"
Evan is part of the talented Sophomore class. He has one of the best Sophomore times in the 5,000 m. He works hard and is a great role model for everyone, excelling in the field of maturity as well. Evan will be a key member of the team's future.
Adam Keifenheim - "Fro"
Adam is the brother of Dan K, both of whom need a haircut. Joking aside, Adam is another Sophomore who is dedicated to the team and will be important in the future. He also has a great sense of humor and is a good swimmer and biker... Triathlete, possibly???
Callie Pastarr - "Callie"
Callie is the women's top runner. She is a Senior and won Region 5AA in Cross Country 2001 and in Track in the 800 meter run 2001. At State in track, she finished second place in the 800 m. In Cross Country, she finished 25th, an All-State finish. She has a bright future in running.
Ben Zhao - "Zhao"
Ben Zhao is the head coach for Minneapolis Southweest High School Cross Country. He came to Southwest in 1989 and made the team stronger and more aware and mature every year. His strong philosophy and training thoeries have led the Lakers to success on and off the course.
Chuck Cracraft - "Chuckie"
Chuck is one of the assistant coaches at Southwest and is known for his soft sensitive humor and positave personality. He helps runners with problems with injuries and life. Eventually Chuck will take over the program.
Reva Fred- "Reva"
Reva is another assistant coach and is loved by almost all the runners of the team. Like Chuck she also has a charming personality and is fun to be around.
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