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An Idea From Some Runners:
If a team is great, they don't have a guarantee to win.
If a team is bad, they don't have a guarantee to lose.

For the Southwest Cross Country Team of 2000, it was predicted the team would be bad due to the graduation of 6 out of the top 7 runners in 1999.
However, because of hard work and dedication, the team of 2000 outperformed the team of 1999 in many races (Hudson and U of M, to name 2).
So the team which was supposed to be bad was good.

But this now good team, who went into Regions hoping for a trip to State ran poorly at Regions (with the exception of the top 2 runners).
So the team that was supposed to win got 3rd.

None the less, it was a successful year to say the least, but we are still reminded with the fact that
a team never has a guarantee to win a race, regardless of how good they are.
It was never assumed by varsity that City or Regions would be won. Only hopes.
Assuming winning will often lead to downfall! Especially if this assumption is made public. Fortunately the team of Southwest High School
does not make public assumptions-- and very rarely private assumptions. Public assumptions can backfire if your assumption is wrong!!!

For example, in 1999, Minneapolis South was looking very strong during the middle of the season.
.....But they assumed winning.

So the assumption of winning can often lead to losing.

Let us not forget this important fact!

Hard work and a level head works best.

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