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  Many runners that have run for Southwest go to college and run. Many of them end up running quite fast. Zhao's program is designed to prepare runners for college and not burn them out in high school like many other programs. Below are some profiles for graduated athletes.

Reed DeLapp - "Sam" - Class of 1999
Reed DeLapp ran a 16:45 5k in high school and a 2:00.0 800 m. He went to Macalester College where he met a bad running program. He ran two years of cross country and managed to get his 8k time to 28 minutes before realizing the program wasn't helping him. He also ran the 1,500 m in 4:16. Now, instead of running for the team, he runs on his own. He is majoring in computer science.
Ethan Jewett - "The Fro" - Class of 2001
Ethan Jewett was smart and fast guy in high school. Running the 5k in 17:05 and the 800m in 2:02, he was a force to deal with. Now at the University of Chicago, he has already run the 8k in 27:20 and a 2 mile in 10:07. He's constantly getting more clever and faster at the same time! Ethan can be emailed at
Dan Keifenheim - "The Big Monkey" - Class of 2000
This picture is old. Dan can now be recognized as having a clean shave and a big fro. He doesn't run in college, but he's still quite an athlete as he plays Ultimate Frisbee. Dan goes to the University of Minnesota.
Nate Hargrove - "Nate Dogg" - No Photo Currently Available - Class of 2001
Nate Hargrove was one of Southwest's most talented athletes. His first year of Track as a Senior he ran 1:58 for 800 meters. Now in collegeat University of Minnesota Duluth, he is realizing his potential as a distance runner. He has already run a 1:55 800 m, a 49.9 for 400 m, and a 22.6 for 200 m. He has been redshirted for his first season of cross country and will most likely take a red shirt for his first year of Track. He will train to become one of the best DII athletes in the country. Nate loves talking about how fast he is and how good looking he is. Nate admits that he is a conceited, cocky, and stuck up person, and he claims to be a "chic magnet." He can be emailed at
Erik Lundgren - "Erik" - Class of 2000
Erik Lundgren is insane. He ran 16:59 for 5,000 meters and 2:01 for 800 meters, not to mention a 400 meter best of 51. He attends the University of Minnesota with Dan K. Erik is loved by all for his funny and crazy personality and good humor. He has supported the team since his graduation and will be remembered for a long time at Southwest.
Aaron Blazar  - "Da Blaze" - Class of 2001
Aaron ran CC from 1996 to 2000, using cross country as training for Nordic skiing. In the sport of  Nordic skiing Aaron won the individual City Conference pursuit title and qualified for the Minnesota state meet two years in a row. Currently, Aaron attends Colby College in Waterville, Maine; Where he is a member of  their Division 1 Nordic ski team.  He is currently aiming to secure a spot  on the Northeast Junior Olympic Team while also racing on the east coast collegiate carnival circuit.
More Profiles Will Be Uploaded Later!
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